Sunday, March 15, 2009


Thailand hotels represent the best of the giant luxury chains and resorts throughout the world as well as the residential hotels which are very popular with the Westerners who live and work in Thailand.

Westerners would call many of the Thailand hotels similar to those in the larger cities in the United States. Room service is provided on a daily basis, the amenities of equipment and furnishings are provided. The rates are not vastly different from those in larger cities world wide and the rooms are clean and well-ordered.

The amenities offered in Thailand hotels include conference center facilities, restaurants, bars, and business centers. Guest accommodations include such things as laundry service, room service, gymnasiums, swimming pools and gift shops.

In short, no effort has been spared to make guests feel at home and comfortable while traveling in Thailand. Thailand hotels in the rural areas are less well appointed. The rooms may not include room service on a daily basis, the peripheral equipment and amenities not as elaborate.

This is not to say that the Thailand hotels in these areas are low quality, just that it's a smaller call for the top end luxuries and so they are not included in the package.

However, if one were to go to a Thailand hotel in a resort area, you would be truly made to feel like a prince or princess. The owners of the Thailand hotels know that the country's income and their own is largely dependent upon attracting tourists and bringing them back to Thailand again and again. People on vacation spend money and the Thai people know that by providing exceptional service, facilities, friendliness and accommodations, guests will be pleased and will return to spend even more money.

Travel agents are prepped with a plethora of choices to offer Western tourists who may be considering a visit to Thailand. Information is packaged attractively emphasizing such things as a golf vacation, to play golf at one or several world-class golf courses. A snorkeling vacation may supply snorkeling gear, guides, boats and accommodations near one of the beautiful ocean viewing areas. A Thailand hotel package might be a combination of surf, sand and golf at one of the beach resorts.

A Thailand hotel vacation in the southern part of Thailand could include surf, beach, snorkeling, golf and visits to such sites as the famous Rock Castle. These are part of the Thailand hotel tours made available to guests.


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